Bank Credit Process

How You Can Get Bank Credit in Turkey

Credit Process Terms

Foreign individuals who want to invest in Turkey may want to make their investments by taking loans. In this context, while banks in Turkey previously had difficulties in lending to foreign citizens, today they offer loans much more easily. In particular, it has become much easier to attract loans within the scope of the government’s policy of supporting foreign investments recently.

It is possible to come across many foreign individuals living in Turkey recently. Especially the recent developments and economic conditions in Turkey encourage foreign investments to be made much more. At this point, it is possible to state that real estate investments have become much more demanded. The number of people who want to purchase real estate through credit is also quite high. Now, let’s examine the process and conditions of buying a house with a loan together.

Credit Application Conditions of Foreigners

If foreign nationals are residing in Turkey, they must submit their residence and work permits to the bank in order to obtain a loan. Banks usually require a 12/24 month residence or work permit. Work permit or residence permit alone may not be sufficient for foreigners to apply for a loan. In this case, banks can also demand guarantors from investors. Banks request guarantors from Turkish citizens in case of possible deportation from Turkey. If an application is made to purchase a real estate, it is an important detail to present the title deed of the real estate, electricity and water bills to the bank.

Documents showing the 3-month income of foreigners working in Turkey, such as salary slips, are among the documents requested by the bank. Within the scope of this condition, it is not possible for unemployed individuals to take out loans. However, in order for these people to be able to take out loans, it may be requested to submit bank account movements showing their income in their own country. Apart from all these, the passport and the photocopy of the passport must be submitted to the banks along with the application form.

Documents Requested for Housing Loan

Foreigners can apply for a housing loan when they want to invest in Turkey. At this point, it is necessary to open an account in the bank where they want to take a loan. The following documents are required in order to apply for a housing loan.

  • original passport
  • copy of passport
  • Title deed of the real estate to be purchased
  • A guarantor and cash guarantee residing in Turkey and a Turkish citizen
  • income certificate
  • Work or residence permit document
  • Guarantee

These documents vary from bank to bank. Therefore, different banks may request different documents. Before applying for a loan, the application documents should be confirmed by examining the websites of the relevant banks.

Stages of Buying a Home with Credit

If you want to invest in Turkey with a loan, you have to complete some steps. Now, let’s examine these stages together.

Find the Best Loan Option

When you decide to buy a house to invest in Turkey, you need to find the appropriate bank and loan option for the loan option. You should do a detailed research on this. However, you can also choose real estate consultants who do the research for you and guide you in this regard. You can reach the most suitable housing loan for your budget and payment plan through us. By comparing the housing loan options of banks, you can choose the one that offers the easiest payment option.

Preliminary Evaluation Process

After you find the most suitable housing loan for you, you can take advantage of the banks’ fast transaction options to perform the loan process. You can quickly calculate the installment amount and interest rate according to the maturity you request by entering the information and the details requested from you. At this stage, details such as monthly income, credit rating, and the amount of credit to be used are asked. In this way, you can get detailed information about the loan with the preliminary evaluation.

Expertise Transactions

After your loan is approved, an appraisal process begins in order to calculate the value of the house you want. The value of the house you like is determined by the appraisal and you can use a loan for 80% of this value. 20% of the value of the house must be deposited in advance in the bank.

Completion of Documents for Loan Application

The above-mentioned documents and, if any, other documents requested by the bank must be fully prepared and submitted to the bank. Otherwise, a positive outcome of the loan process cannot be expected.

Approval of Credit Application

After the above-mentioned steps and the complete submission of the documents, the loan approval process begins. The bank examines the submitted documents and makes a positive or negative turn. In this way, you can find out whether you can buy a house with a loan.

Deed and Mortgage Process

With the approval of the housing loan by the bank, deed transactions are carried out together with the bank lawyer or branch officer. It is necessary to go to the land registry office for these transactions. Transfer and mortgage transactions related to the house to be purchased are carried out in the title deed office. In the absence of any setback by the bank’s lawyer or branch officer, a mortgage is placed on the title deed. After this process, the bank is returned and the process is concluded. Necessary payment is made to the seller of the house.

Documents Required While Going to the Land Registry

There are some necessary documents for deed transactions. When you want to make an appointment with the title deed office and do the deed transactions, you must first prepare these documents. The documents in question are as follows.

* One copy of ID card and ID

* Receipt paid for past debts with the letter of no tax debt received from the municipality

* The original or photocopy of the previous bill must be provided for purchase and sale.

• Payment of title deed fees and property tax must be made before the deed transactions. The title deed costs to be paid by the buyer and the seller in equal shares must be paid before the title deed.

* TCIP-Mandatory Earthquake Insurance must be taken out. If there is an existing DASK, it should be checked whether this insurance is on time.

• If the deed is to be made with a power of attorney, a notarized power of attorney is required.

Housing Loan Expenses

Housing loan costs are calculated according to the rates determined by banks for housing, consumer and vehicle loans. However, we can roughly say that the costs are as follows.

File fee (loan allocation fee): 5 per thousand of the loan amount used.

Appraisal fee: 800 TL to 1,000 TL.

Real estate pledge fee (mortgage establishment fee): 300 TL to 400 TL.

Housing insurance: The price varies according to the province, district, square meter, age and insurance company of the house.

Compulsory earthquake insurance (DASK)

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