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How is Health System in Turkey

Health System in Turkey

While Turkey has been one of the favorite centers of foreign investors in recent years, serious changes have been observed in the health system with the effect of investments. While foreign investors make real estate investments in Turkey, they also want to reach a quality service in the field of health. It should be mentioned that health services have reached a very successful point thanks to the acceleration that Turkey has achieved in this field in the last 15-20 years.

Thanks to the developing health sector in Turkey, which acts as a bridge between Europe and the Middle East, hundreds of thousands of people from both Europe and the Middle East benefit from health services. If you, as an investor, wish to make investments in Turkey, you should have access to all information about the health system in Turkey. Here is all you wonder about the health system in Turkey!

Health System in Turkey for Foreigners

The most authorized institution related to the health system in Turkey is the Ministry of Health. In Turkey, which has a very strong system compared to Germany, the USA and the UK, it is always aimed to bring the services related to health services to a better level. For this reason, it is known that both citizens and foreigners offer health services at low prices.

Thanks to more than 50 Medical Schools providing education at international standards, health services in Turkey have a sustainable feature. Every year, thousands of doctors start their professional life and serve for everyone to have a healthy and comfortable life.

It is not only the number of doctors, but also the production of pharmaceuticals in Turkey, which ensures that health services in Turkey are at a high quality point. It produces in Turkey for many pharmaceutical brands that have made a name for themselves at the national and international level. This supports the ease of access to medicine after receiving health care in Turkey.

Providing health services at high standards by both public and private institutions facilitates the treatment of diseases. While the number of treatments that citizens face with extra costs is quite limited, the health insurance system works flawlessly in Turkey. Within the scope of the insurance system organized by the Social Security Institution, it is ensured that citizens and investors do not pay for treatment.

Qualities that Make the Health System Special in Turkey

While very large health facilities under the name of ‘City Hospitals’ have been established in Turkey recently, care is taken to have a fully equipped hospital in every province and district. Therefore, people do not need to go to other cities to receive health services. The ‘Family Physicians’ assigned to families within the health system are very valuable in terms of the sustainability of the system.

In small institutions known as Family Health Centers or Health Centers, patients’ non-serious ailments are examined and treated. In addition, a ‘Health Report’, which will be used for various purposes in these centers, is also given. The density was not too high The Family Health Center is preferred in order to reduce the density in hospitals.

In addition to public hospitals, private hospitals, which have accomplished internationally successful projects, are one of the indispensables of the health system in Turkey. Thanks to the solutions offered in these hospitals, it is possible to receive both low fees and quality service. In addition to private hospitals, some doctors’ clinics are also successful in providing health services.

Foreigners can also benefit from these institutions that Turkish citizens can benefit from. Although foreigners are likely to benefit from all health institutions, Private Hospital and State Hospital are more ideal for foreigners. Because the number of people who speak a foreign language in small health institutions is very limited, it may not be possible to get an accurate service.

Examination and Treatment Costs in Turkey

The number of people coming to Turkey from abroad and receiving examination/treatment here is substantial. It should be mentioned that the sector has achieved serious success in Turkey, especially in the fields of Aesthetic Surgery and Hair Transplantation. However, there is a flawless system in the examination and treatment practices for other diseases.

In Turkey, where health services are free, those who make Emergency Entry are likely to receive services without paying any fee. Similarly, in case of an accident or emergency, you can call 112 and benefit from the free ambulance service. The ambulance will come to your address in a short time and take you to the nearest health institution. As this service is completely free, you do not need to pay any fees for the service you will receive at the hospital.

Treatments that are subject to a fee in Turkey usually take place in private hospitals. In addition, processes such as Aesthetic Surgery applications or Hair Transplantation that are not directly related to vital functions are not included in the scope of free health services.

In addition to meeting the examination and treatment processes free of charge, it is also possible to overcome the intensity that may occur in health institutions by making an appointment. For this reason, you can make an appointment with the hospital you want by calling 182. It is possible to have a quality service experience, especially thanks to the fact that you can be examined by the doctor you want.

Remarkable Areas in the Health System in Turkey

Although the health system in Turkey allows for perfect services as a whole, it is possible to mention that some areas are at an even more interesting point for foreigners. It should be mentioned that the following areas are quite special for both those who come to visit Turkey and those who invest here.

Oral and Dental Health in Turkey

Although oral and dental health is very important for every person, this field has become much more valuable thanks to the developing technology and health investments in Turkey. It has been possible to obtain successful solutions in oral and dental health thanks to both technological developments and the work of doctors.

It is very advantageous to be treated here due to Turkey’s location and the lower value of lira compared to other currencies. The fact that foreigners find opportunities to be treated in Turkey for the fees that they cannot be treated in their own country is one of the reasons for the intensification of investments in Turkey.

Aesthetic Surgery in Turkey

One of the most striking issues related to Turkey’s health system is the success in the field of aesthetic surgery. It should be mentioned that this service, which is offered for a fee through private clinics, provides satisfactory results. The number of people who come to Turkey from all over the world and benefit from aesthetic surgery services and leave Turkey satisfied is substantial.

There are many people who come to Turkey and aim to be treated here and decide to live here because of the beauties they encounter. As a manufacturer in Turkey, where perfection in the field of health opens the door to a quality life, you can start taking advantage of great opportunities.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Hair transplant is considered as one of the most used services in Turkey. Especially thanks to this service offered at affordable prices, it increases the number of foreigners who come to benefit from health services in Turkey. It is possible to benefit from successful alternatives in hair transplantation with the aspects that succeed in taking the advantage of the opportunities in Turkey to serious dimensions!

It is a privilege to live in Turkey, thanks to the health system that responds to expectations in all aspects and carries human life to a higher quality point! You can also have the opportunity to have a quality experience by making your investment in Turkey!

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