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What is Real Estate?

What Is Real Estate?
What Is Real Estate?

What is Real Estate?
Real estate is the branch of profession that is entitled to commission by mediating the sale or rental of real estate. In this context, the real estate agent will do the necessary marketing and will only be entitled to a commission fee if the rental / sale transaction is realized.
How to Become a Realtor / Real Estate Consultant?
In this context, real estate agents / real estate consultants should obtain a certificate of authorization before starting their activities, then they should conclude various contracts with both the owners and the buyers / tenants, and they should issue an Immovable Demonstration Certificate for each location activity. Thus, business owners will not be subject to administrative fines and will have legally secured themselves.
Signing an Authorization Agreement with the Owner
Although it is not always easy to get the owners to sign a contract in the flow of real estate, a written authorization contract must be signed in accordance with the Regulation and the Law. Otherwise, real estate agents / real estate consultants will not be able to claim commission from the owners.
The authorization agreement should be drawn up in at least two copies and one copy should remain with the parties. According to the regulation, these contracts must contain at least the following:
Authorization certificate number, contact information, name, surname and signature of the person authorized to represent the real estate / real estate consultancy; real estate owner’s name and surname, T.C. identification number (or foreign identity number), contact information (if the real estate owner is a legal person, the title and contact information of the legal person and the name, surname and signature of the person authorized to represent it.)
The nature and scope of the service to be provided and the obligations of the parties,
Commission rate and service fee,
Withdrawal money and penal clause
The duration of the contract (may be a maximum of 3 months) and the terms if the contract will automatically extend,
Notification address of the parties.
In addition to the above, it is also useful to determine who will be responsible for the costs, in which channels the marketing activities will take place, and whether the owner can agree with other real estate agents. In addition, the real estate subject to the authorization agreement;
Zoning and occupancy permit status,
Land registry information, type and address,
its size, age and actual use,

Location features such as floor, facade and view,The approximate distance to the stops of public transportation vehicles such as minibus, bus and metro,
Approximate distance to places such as schools, places of worship, hospitals and shopping centers and social areas such as cinemas, theaters, parks and picnic areas,
Interior features (Number of rooms, living rooms, bathrooms, toilets and balconies and their net sizes; kitchen, shower cabin and cupboard contents; parquet and joinery, electricity, water, natural gas, telephone and satellite installations, etc.),

External features (Apartment, site, building or detached status; number of blocks, floors and flats on each floor; hydrophore, water tank, heating system, fire escape and elevator, and open and closed parking lot status; security, football, basketball, swimming and such as whether there are similar sports fields and children’s parks),

(For lands) Share, precedent and projected building height information and whether there is a planted or planted product on it,

Whether there are mortgages, liens and similar restrictions on the real estate
In accordance with the Regulation, it is obligatory to include the matters in the Contract. Here, the declarations given by the real estate owner will be taken as a basis, and the persons engaged in real estate activities are not responsible for incorrect and incomplete information. It will also be necessary to provide additional details to provide sufficient information regarding real estates that are not registered in the land registry or that have not yet been constructed.