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What Should Be Considered While Buying and Moving Housing?

What Should Be Considered While Buying And Moving Housing? 1

One of the most important decisions people make in life is undoubtedly the decision to own a house. You have made such an important decision. But what will you pay attention to? Whether you want a model or a second hand house. There are a number of points that must be noted.

For example, “Do you have the title deed of the house you have decided to buy? How much is the dues? Is there any real estate tax debt accumulated? What is the zoning status?” such fine but vital details… In order not to encounter serious problems, it is useful to know these tricks. Yapı Konut General Manager, Dr. Turgut Enginoğlu underlined the points to be considered when buying an apartment and moving to the flat you bought.

Stating that there are certain points to be considered while buying a house so that it does not cause a headache later on, Enginoğlu pointed out that the existing records in the land registry of the real estate should be examined by going to the Land Registry Office, where the house to be purchased or the housing project is affiliated.

What Should Be Considered While Buying Housing?

Look at the deed registration!
To whom or to whom the real estate belongs,
Share ratios related to real estate,
Whether there is an easement (use) right on it,
Whether it is mortgaged
Whether there is an injunction preventing the sale,
Whether the floor servitude has been established,
Whether there are any obstacles to its establishment,
Whether the independent section to be purchased is registered in the title deed,
The management plan of the real estate and the title deed annotations applied by the land owner to the contractor