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The Importance of Photography in the Real Estate Industry

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The Importance of Photography in the Real Estate Industry

Those who will buy and rent a house start their search with real estate websites. Undoubtedly, photographs are one of the most striking details in real estate advertisements. It is a fact that real estate ads with remarkable photos accelerate the sale and rental of the house.
Real estate advertisement photos play a big role in making more home sales and higher rentals. If you want to make sure that your listing photos accurately reflect the house in your portfolio and play a role in persuading potential customers, why not take a look at the listing photo tips for consultants?

The next step after having a good camera and equipment is knowing how to take pictures. There are many points to be considered in real estate photography. Here we have gathered everything about taking real estate ad photos in 15 simple tricks.
Real Estate Photography Tactics in 15 Short Points

1) Focus on What Home Seekers Want to See in Real Estate Ad Photos
Buyers look at photos first to get an idea of the homes you’re offering. Photographs require both exterior and interior images. When we say outdoor, details such as the exterior view of the building and the entrance of the building are especially important in order to understand its proximity to the surrounding buildings.

If you are taking interior photos, make sure that personal belongings of previous residents are not included in the photo. Because this photo can feel like someone else’s space.

2) Give a “Welcome” Message
An attractive front door and entryway is one of the tips that make selling the home easier. Leaving the door open in one of the photos can also be perceived as an inviting message.

3) Take a Photo Shoot at the Time That Best Reflects the House
No matter how professional your camera is, if you cannot provide good lighting, you will not be able to show an effective shooting performance. For a successful photograph, you must balance the light in the area.

You can use extra lighting for the dark corners of the house, and you can choose rooms with large windows for photographing.

4) Attention to Kitchen and Bathroom Shooting!

Another interior feature element that is as important as the square meter, number of rooms and facade of the real estate is the kitchen and bathrooms. Especially women are not very interested in houses that do not have kitchens and bathrooms as they want.

Make sure you find the right angle for kitchen shots. If the kitchen has built-in products as well as the regular appearance, detailed photos that will show their brands may attract the attention of the buyers.

What about bathrooms? Before taking a photo of the bathroom in the apartment for sale, make sure that the toilet lids are closed, freshen the toilet paper rolls, do not forget to place a small flower and clean towels.

5) Capture Home’s Points of Sale

Ad photos often omit areas such as bathrooms, but if such places have been recently renovated, they can be a good photo frame. Remember, research shows that a renovated bathroom, especially designed with blue tones, attracts more attention in the listings!

6) Be careful not to step out in the mirror
Be careful not to be seen when taking pictures in places where there are mirrors in the house. Such shots can have a negative effect on advertisement photos.

7) Photograph Every Room
The goal in photography is to bring out the best. For this reason, take photos of all the rooms in the house and use the best ones in the advertisements.

8) Make sure the house is tidy
If you are taking pictures of a second-hand apartment, make sure that the house is tidy. A cluttered house with scattered things will give a negative impression.

9) Play into the Season
Revealing the freshness of the season in photographs is an important detail. For example, if it is summer and the house has a pool or garden, make sure to include these areas. Or if you are shooting in the winter and there is a fireplace at home, do not skip this detail!

10) Grab Attention with a Night Photo
While daytime shots are ideal for the home, a great night shot can also make your ad stand out. If you have the appropriate equipment, turn on all the lights of the house and photograph the house in this way. The resulting photo frames will surprise you too!

11) Let the Light Beautify Your Photo
Consider light levels when taking photos. The best way to do this is to take photos of apartments for sale or rent on a sunny or slightly cloudy day. Make sure to open the curtains for interior shots.

12) Make Time for Impressive Ad Photos
You will need to set aside time both before and after the shoot for real estate advertisement photos that will impress home seekers. Before shooting, make sure that the house is clean (photos of rooms full of messy things tell nothing), and if it’s a furnished apartment, make sure that the furniture and furniture arrangement looks tidy.
13) Create a Bird’s-Eye View
Taking a bird’s eye view is a great way to show off a large property and waterfront location. This way you can also show the surroundings of the house better.

14) Appropriate Equipment
Wide-angle lenses allow many objects to fit, especially in tight spaces. If you have taken care of the lens part, your next step should be a tripod. For clear photos without blur, place the tripod in the corner with the best light and take your photos from there.

15) Do Not Use Fisheye Lenses
Many people use fisheye lenses to make small areas appear larger, but these lenses often have the opposite effect and make the area appear smaller. Stick to a lens for your ad photo shoot and make small spaces look bigger with little tricks.