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Competence in the Real Estate Industry

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Competence in the Real Estate Industry

The real estate sector is the locomotive of the economy in the world and in Turkey. With the expansion of the business volume in the real estate sector, the branches of activity in the sector have also diversified. One of the most important professional activities in the sector is real estate consultancy, which carries out intermediation activities by bringing together the real estate owner and the buyer – the lessee. Due to the increasing business volume in the sector, legal regulations are brought in order to bring order to the sector in developed countries and it is obligatory for people who do this profession to have certain equipment.

In Turkey, there is no binding legal regulation regarding real estate consultants who act as intermediaries between business owners in the real estate sector. Due to the opportunity to earn high income depending on the business volume in the sector, people who do not have sufficient knowledge and equipment enter the sector and work informally. On the other hand, many people who want to benefit from the high potential of the real estate sector apply to various higher education institutions in order to become a competent employee in the field by getting an academic education on this subject.

In order for the real estate sector to have an institutional structure and to gain a certain prestige in the society in Turkey, as well as in developed countries, a legal regulation for the real estate sector should be implemented by the central government. In addition, the fact that professional professionals who receive academic trainings organized to respond to the special needs of the real estate sector will operate in the sector will both make the real estate consultancy profession respectable and preferable, and increase the satisfaction level of the business owners in the sector.