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Oba | Alanya

Oba neighborhood is one of the flattest areas of Alanya which surrounded by the Taurus Mountains and it is just 5-6 km away from the centrum.

Modern buildings built on this flat area are generally in the form of sites and apartments.

In the region, which is very close to the city center, a lifestyle like the city center of Alanya has emerged.

Due to the many touristic hotels and residential areas in the region, there are cafes, bars, restaurants, and shopping centers in the region.

During the evening walks during the summer tourism season, you may feel like you are in “another country” where different languages ​​are spoken.

In the Tosmur region, where people from foreign nationalities live intensely, the population, which is crowded in the summer months, leaves its place to silence in the winter months.

Living in this region, where you can “easily access” all the possibilities of city life, offers you many different opportunities like evening walks by the sea and beaches where you can watch the sunset.

This area, which all streets reach the sea in the south direction, offers you the advantages of living in a neighborhood of a big city, while simultaneously giving you the privileges of living in a “holiday resort”.

Living in the Tosmur region, where you can meet all your needs within walking distance after leaving your home, also allows you to open “a new page in your life.”

Owning a house in this region, where “real estate prices are increasing” day by day, offers you an alternative lifestyle besides being a “profitable investment.”

If you want to open a new page in your life, Oba neighbourhood is for you.