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Kestel | Alanya
Kestel | Alanya


Kestel neighborhood is a large area of ​​Alanya located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains.

Kestel location starts from the coastline and extends towards the mountains.

It’s just 5-7 km from the Alanya city center.

The neighborhood is located just below the “Cebeli Reis” mountain.

In the north it located on the edge of the valley, where the “Dim Stream” flows into the sea.

Due to this location, the nights are relatively cooler than the other parts of Alanya, with the effect of the cold waters flowing along the valley in the hot summer season.

The campus of Alanya Alaeddin Keykubat University is also located in the Kestel region.

Because of this, location has become a region preferred by university students and academics.

So, the real estates in the Kestel region are increasing in value day by day and are turning into a good investment tool.

While the first architecturally constructed buildings were in the form of        2 or 3 floors. Since Kestel started to be preferred as a settlement, the complexes consisting of 4-5 floor luxury apartments and comfortable roof duplexes.

The luxury apartments located on the seafront on the coastline which reflects the general architecture of the region has formed.

You have many alternatives to easily reach everything you need with its location in the middle of Alanya and Mahmutlar district, which is the most densely populated area of ​​Alanya after Alanya city center.

Supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, natural beauties where you can walk, in short, everything you need is in the region.

If you want to have a nice trip to the mountains air or the highlands, you can find yourself in a quiet and peaceful place in maximum 15 minutes from Kestel.

You can reach Gazipaşa International airport much more easily from Kestel if you compared to Alanya center.

You can have a good time in the pool located on the site where you live and enjoy the sun and the summer season.

If the things you want to happen in your new life like this as we described above, the Kestel region is just for you.

You deserve a more beautiful and comfortable life.|