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Alanya | Cİkcİllİ

Cikcilli neighborhood of Alanya is in the inner part on the east side of the center.

Located on the north side of the ring road, it is an area where architecturally multi-floor buildings and sites are concentrated.

Alanya Research Hospital and AHEP Foundation University, the first university of the city, are in the region.

In addition, there are large centers such as Metro Gross market and Koçtaş construction market, and there are businesses selling large furniture and technological products on the ring road passing through the region.

Cikcilli neighborhood is one of the most crowded living areas of Alanya in terms of human density.

If your lifestyle is active, this area is for you.

This area, from which you can reach the center of Alanya in about 10 minutes, is surrounded by roads where you can easily reach all parts of Alanya.

In the buildings where all kinds of social activities are considered, you can meet all your needs without moving too much in the city, and you can enjoy the Mediterranean sun in the pool of the site where you live.

In this region, it is a place preferred by foreign citizens living in big cities abroad.

In the buildings towards the mountain side of the Cikcilli district, Alanya castle and the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus mountains offer a very beautiful view from the high-rise buildings.

The region where there are apartments suitable for every budget is a place where you can find the life you are looking for.