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What is a Building Permit and Why is it Necessary?

What Is A Building Permit And Why Is It Necessary?
What Is A Building Permit And Why Is It Necessary?

What is a Building Permit and Why is it Necessary?

Legally, there are permits for the construction and structuring of buildings. The first document to be obtained for the constructions and building constructions that can continue within the scope of the authorized documents is the license.

“What is a building permit, why is it needed? and “How to get a building permit?” We can talk about legal procedures in such matters. Building permits are the documents obtained by allowing the construction of buildings.

It is the permit given for the start of the constructions planned to be made with the project presentation.

How to Get a Building Permit?
According to the articles of the law specified in the Zoning Law, the construction of constructions is allowed as a result of the completion of various procedures.

A building permit application can be made by obtaining a permit, and a license can be obtained by completing the necessary procedures.

All buildings constructed without a license are considered as illegal structures.

Obtaining the building permit is specified in the law numbered 3194.

How Long Are Building Permits Valid?
Licenses, which are a building license document, are a legally mandatory document. The validity period of the building permits obtained by applying at the beginning of the construction is 5 years.

License permits obtained from the moment the first license is obtained allow for the start of construction for 2 years from the date of receipt.

“What is a building permit, why is it needed?” are the validity periods of the license that should be known about. The construction of the building must begin within 24 months from the date of obtaining the permit.

The total validity period covers 5 years in all structures. Currently, it is necessary to renew the licenses for the renewal period for the buildings.

Building permits for renewal; If there is no difference in the gross area or quality determined for the independent sections, the license process is not subject to taxes, duties and fees.

Sanctions for Buildings Without a Building License
The document, which is necessary and obligatory for the start of building constructions, is valid for every construction project as a license.

Buildings that do not have a license are counted as illegal and evaluated in the category of illegal buildings.

In illegal constructions started without a license; Municipalities operating in the region where the construction is located may decide to stop the construction and demolish it.

Owners, contractors and responsible persons of illegal buildings may have to pay fines due to unlicensed construction.

The periods determined for obtaining the building permit determined by the laws declare the start of the construction within 2 years. The license is valid within 5 years.