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Our Cultural And Natural Heritage Alanya

Our Cultural And Natural Heritage Alanya
Our Cultural And Natural Heritage Alanya

Our cultural and natural heritage Alanya

The name of Alanya, which was called Alaiye until the Republic, was changed by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Alanya, which is one of the regions that attract the most tourists today, has had an important position as a military and commercial base throughout its history.
Undoubtedly, Alanya Castle has an important share in having this location.
The castle of Alanya, which is located on a 10-hectare peninsula surrounded by 6 km long walls, was home to the Romans, Byzantines and finally the Seljuks.
The Seljuk cistern, Byzantine Church, Sultan Palace and Seljuk bath ruins in the castle integrate with the traditional urban fabric.
Alanya, whose first foundation date and by whom it was founded is not known exactly, was first built in BC IV. century geographer Scylax referred to it as Corakesion (Coracesium). Strabo, on the other hand, defined Korakesion as the first city to appear when Cilicia was entered from the west, and stated that it was founded on a very steep rock that is difficult to contain.
Korakesion; Thanks to its natural defense facility and sheltered harbor, even with a small military unit, it was an ideal shelter for pirates and rebels. century, it became a pirate port and center. The Hellenistic fortification wall with large blocks of stone and mortar, located in the part of the Middle Castle from the Arab Saints to Ehmedek, was built in BC II. It remained from the reign of Diototos Tryphon, the ruler of the city in the 16th century.