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Is Buying A Property in Alanya a Good Investment?

What makes Alanya more and more popular by time?There are more than one answer actually;

History,Climate,Sandy Beaches,Cheap Life,One of the most popular Touristic towns of Turkey,Friendly and helpful

local people,Airport,Castle,Worldwide known Cleopatra Beach,Quality and cheap hotels,Dimcay,Sapadere Canyon,

Organic food,Bananas and Avocados,International Competitions,Cable Car to the Castle,we can count many more..

Since Alanya is becoming more popular,buying property in Alanya is also becoming a good idea.

Because not all the tourists are booking an all-inclusive hotel ; most of them are preferring to rent an Apartment or a

Villa in order to make a longer holiday in Alanya.As you all know,it costs a small fortune to book an All-inclusive

hotel for 2 or 3 weeks.Therefore most of the tourists are choosing to rent a property in the season.

This fact is naturally causing a great investment opportunity in Real Estate in Alanya.There are two kinds of

real estate investment in Alanya ; you can either buy a brand new apartment in Alanya and decorate

it.That brings you more rental income ofcourse.And the second option is to buy a furnished second hand

apartment in Alanya Turkey.

Please be advised that most of the Construction companies are giving annual rental income guarantee when you buy

a property for sale in Alanya Turkey which is around 6 – 7 % .

In general Alanya is heaven of cheap apartments and villas for sale in Turkey.You can easily find a flat for

sale in Alanya starting price 40,000 euros.Please remember that some of the contruction companies are

providing installment plan for their projects.In our website you can find many options of Cheap apartments for

sale in Alanya Turkey with installment plans.

Once you decide which project you like the most,please contact us for the price list.Because as you all know the price

increases when you choose to buy a flat for sale in Alanya in higher floor.

Secondly the finishing date of the project; knows all the Construction companies in Alanya

and works with only qualified ones.Therefore you can trust to the projects which you see on our website.

Resale apartments for sale in Alanya are also a good investment tool for our investors.Ready to move in and

renting for long term and short term as is giving you free advice how to get the

utmost rental income.Feel yourself free to contact us for further information.

Please be advised that buying a cheap villa for sale in Alanya brings you the most money.Yes it is true,buying a

Villa costs you more than an Apartment.However the rental income is way more higher than an apartment.

The Villas are located all around Alanya almost in every district;if you decide to make an investment in a Villa in

Alanya please ask for our advice. helps you finding renters for your properties,making the check-in and check-out of the

guests,controlling your property after every check out,organising the cleaning,paying your electricity and water bills.

You can consider us as your trusted partner on the field.We also work with qualified and licensed

airport transfer companies.As a result, is ready,willing and able to collaborate with you

on long term base.

In order to make a summary,Real Estate is a great investment option which generates ongoing passive income.

Please remember that you can also get a Mortgage from a Turkish bank if you have a monthly salary which you

can show to the bank.The banks in Turkey give 50% of the expert value of the apartment for sale in Alanya Turkey.

Which means if you choose to buy property for sale in Alanya Turkey,you need to have half of the property

value in cash.You open an account in the bank which you decide to get a mortgage and put the half in your account.

And the bank gives the other half after you lodge your salary and address documents.

When you decide to buy a property from,we are here to assist you for free getting your

bank mortgage.We would like to remind you that you dont need to get a bank mortgage when you decide to buy a

flat for sale in Alanya Turkey.Because The Construction Companies are already providing Installment plan

with 0% interest.You should consider getting a bank mortgage in case of buying an apartment villa for sale in

Alanya Turkey.

If you are interested getting a mortgage from Turkish bank and you know more or less how much you need to

loan from the bank,we can send you payment plan from the bank.

However, advises you to make your real estate investment with cash money considering you

may have income gaps between the tenants and that shouldn’t give you stress of thinking how to pay the mortgage.

You must afford the mortgage payments even without rental income.If you can’t do that,it may end up being more

of a financial burden rather than means of building wealth.Plus,if you can’t pay the mortgage,it could end up

damaging your credit which will cost you money in the long run.

Buying cheap properties apartments flats villas in Alanya Turkey with cash money is a great investment

tool for those who are willing to have passive rental income.You can follow us on

for new added properties daily.And feel yourself free to text us on Whatsapp/E-mail when you find the right


We will be more than happy to answer all your questions and reserve the property in behalf of you until you come

over Alanya.If you are looking to buy Cheap resale apartments for sale in Alanya Turkey directly from owner

or cheap properties for sale in Alanya Turkey from project directly from the construction company,check

our website daily.You can also download our application from Google Play for Android mobiles.

And regarding the Villas for sale in Alanya Turkey ; you need to decide whether you would prefer a Villa

with private swimming pool or in a complex with common swimming pool.

Should the Villa has indoor garage or not?Remember that the weather is sunny in Alanya for 300 days per year.

Therefore indoor garage is not that much necessary over here.

We are all wishing you a great day and hoping to meet you in Alanya one day.. Team