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Alanya Kargıcak District
Alanya Kargıcak District


Kargicak district is one of the unique location with its buildings on the hills. This area slopes right behind the “Syedra” settlement in the “Ancient period.”

The ancient city of “Syedra” is famous for its athletes, who used to come to camp for “Olympic Games” and train in the winter season.

Living in this region surrounded by pine forests and nature will return you “comfort, happiness and calmness”.

Kargicak settlement area is right next to the “valley” between the two mountains located on the eastern side of Alanya.

This privileged location has a very important effect on “human metabolism” in summer and winter, as the winds blowing over the Mediterranean are filtered through the pine forests.

This unique air circulation which cool and breezy comes from the Mediterranean and Taurus mountains.


Kargicak location, which is 20 minutes away from Alanya-Gazipaşa International Airport.

Regular flights to Istanbul and Ankara, the important big cities of Turkey, and to many capitals of Europe with charter flights provide you with great convenience in business and travel.

The Kargicak neighborhood, which starts from the Mediterranean coast, about 15-20 km away from the city center in the east. This region usually preferred by high-income people both to make a profitable investment and to improve their quality of life.

On the way to your home in Kargicak neighborhood, after a while, the feeling of being away from the city and the chaos begins to surround you.

Another important feature of this mountainous region is that it is a location where you can observe the “sunset over the sea”, which takes place in few places in the world.

A unique location where you can see the Mediterranean on an endless skyline and breathe the clean, oxygen-rich air coming from the mountains and the sea.

For this reason, owning a house in Alanya Kargicak has “unique” advantages as a lifestyle.


The vast majority of homeowners in this region do not spend a whole year here, is therefore not “crowded” at all.

In this way, those who own real estate in the region both own a luxury villa or apartment, and their investments continue to bring them profits while they live.

If you have a “dream” as we mentioned above, if you are thinking of living a life like this and more important than that, if you “really” want it,       owning a house in Kargicak will definitely “increase” your quality of life”.