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Is it safe to buy property in Turkey?

Is it safe to buy property in Turkey?

Most of european, asian, african buy properties in Alanya Antalya Fethiye Marmaris Bodrum and in towns of them but some buy property from Istanbul too.
Detailed we will explain crime level of these cities. In addition to this most of european TV channels are making bad Propaganda about Turkey and they say, there is terrorism in Turkey. Unfortunately no, there is not any terrorism in Turkey at the moment.

These areas are south east of turkey the border of Iraq and Syria but the turkish military forces keep them under control on the other border of Iraq and Syria. These cities are about 1000 km away from tourism areas of Turkey.

Alanya : %0,03 No terrorism – small crimes
Antalya: %0,05 No terrorism – small crimes
Bodrum : %0,02 No terrorism – small crimes
Fethiye: %0,03 No terrorism – small crimes
Marmaris: %0,04 No terrorism – small crimes
Datca : %0,02 No terrorism – small crimes
İzmir : %0,07 No terrorism – small crimes
İstanbul: %0,14 No terrorism – small crimes – some big crimes as well

If you live in big cities the population are higher and crime levels are getting higher but if you prefer tourism areas and small population areas of turkey, the crime level always decrease.
If you would like to buy a property apartment house or villa, before than this please contact to someone from your country who bought property – real estate in turkey, so you can get more clear information about turkey.

The 98% of Turkey are very safe to buy property or any real estate.

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