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Gazipasa Airport

August 9th,  I was in Alanya Gazipasa Airport. I would like to share my reviews with you.

1. Turkey Alanya Gazipasa Airport is smallest airport I ever seen :)

2. There are flying from all countries to Gazipasa Airport. From Germany, Russia, Holland etc.

3. Arrivals & Departures in Gazipasa Airport is only from one door, it must be bigger and seperated.

4. There is only one cafe in Gazipasa Airport. To go to cafe in airport, you must pass from security control! Absolutely nonsense!

5. From Gazipasa Airport to Alanya with car it takes only 20 minutes! The new road is ok but must set-up road lights!

6. Before buying a cup of coffee in Gazipasa Airport you should think 2 times because it is about 6 Euros! I drink world most expensive coffee in Gazipasa Airport. Gazipasa Airport 39



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