Beach front Apartment in Safran Residence – Alanya, Tosmur


قلعه خیره کننده از بالکن
نمایش بزرگ از دریای مدیترانه
تهویه مطبوع برای سرمایش یا گرمایش در اتاق نشیمن و اتاق خواب
انتخاب بزرگ از تلویزیون کانال
آسانسور در ساختمان
استخر مشترک با منطقه برای آفتاب گرفتن
Exclusive, much sought-after neighbourhood
در نزدیکی ساحل شرقی
حمام و روشن را
بسیار جذاب خانه برای تعطیلات مبله و آماده برای اشغال

A quiet and peaceful district east of Alanya, Tosmur offers rural surroundings, tranquillity and natural beauty for the whole family.
You are close to the Dim River; a famous tourist attraction. The local Turks have for many years sought refuge by this river when the summer has become too hot – the reason for this is the temperature of the river is only about 15 degrees. Both locals and tourists sit on the floating rafts situated on the river, enjoy good food and a refreshing bathe in the river.
The green surroundings in Tosmur also tempts with long walks to the Taurus Mountains.
Tosmur has a beautiful beach promenade and in the area there are shops and markets for everyday shopping.
The local bus goes to Alanya every 5 minutes during the day.

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