How much is Properties in Alanya Turkey

We shorthly try to explain here, how much is a property in Alanya Turkey

How much is a Property Price in Alanya Turkey

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How much is a Property Price in Alanya Turkey

We will try to explain; How much is a Property Price in Alanya Turkey. First of all you need to know, there are many different types of properties in Turkey especially in Alanya. Why? There are 2 kind of properties in Alanya

1.Properties – homes or apartments for foreigners/tourists
2.Properties – homes or aprtments for Turkish people.

Let’s explain properties for foreigners, tourists

Why the prices are different to tourist/foreigners, what do you know right, what do you know wrong. Most of tourists, foreigners/tourists prefer to buy property in Alanya, except of other region of Turkey. Because Alanya is cheaper than other regions of Turkey/Touristic places. In addition to this, tourists or foreigners are buying properties here for sun, beach, sea view, holiday, relax etc. But, mainly most of Europeans, Russians or other population prefer;
A) Close to beach properties/homes/villas/apartments
B) Foreigners, tourists are prefer to buy new properties
C) Foreigners, tourists would like to have Sea view properties
D) Foreigners, tourists would like to have Swimming pool
E) Facilities
F) Close to bus station
G) Private Car Parking
H) Private living area
Some articles given above, changes the prices. When a Turkish family buy a property in Alanya, They only need an apartment or house to buy, most of Turkish people do not care how old is property/home/apartment. Example they do not want a swimming pool or private living area, they just want 1 or 2 bedroom, 1 living room and kitchen, wc+bathroom, it is not problem how old is the property.

How much is a property!

You can find any kind of property/apartment/home in alanya turkey, example for 20.000 Euro, you can find a good condition apartment but! if you prefer to live in an apartment which is 15-20 years old. No swimming pool, not new brand, no facility, only apartment. Yes, you can find for the price given above. Why the price is changing when you buy? Because the articles we have given above always change the price.

Example, you are wih real estate agent/broker and in the same building you can find 2 different prices, example: 1st 75.000 Euro – 2nd is 50.000 Euro. The factor is here, sea view? rooms, size? most of the time sea view changes the price in the same building/apartment.

Why prices are very different!

If you are with very luxxury real estate agent/broker, be sure you are buying more expensive property. How? Most of the luxury companies here are almost always put over 5000-10000 euro extra over the property, if you are buying a villa they put over 10000-50000 euros. So, while you are buying a property, don’t care how luxury cars, or comapny they have, care about how trustable they are and do not prefer luxury car owned real estate companies!

How I am buying a property/apartment/home/procedures

1. Choose a property and ask for title deed, see it
2. Ask for estate agent or seller, is there all permission taken from townhall
3. Ask for expertise /confirmation for title deed and try to make your contract with lawyer or Notary
4. You need 4 photos and your passport.
5. Pay maximum %3-5 as pre-payment before you get your title deed. Do not pay more extra.
6. Foreigners can’t buy any property in villages, or close to millitary zones, be careful.
7. Do not go back to your country untill you get your title deed, If you buy a property/apartment/home or villa in a right town/city your title deed can be confirmed on you maximum in 5 days.

If you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Regards Team.

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