Luxury Double Apartment For Sale Ocean front Alanya Kestel 11287 REF:11287 Price:199.900 Euro

Luxury Double Apartment For Sale Ocean front Alanya Kestel 11287. Price is 199.000 Euro. At front of beach. 10 meters to the beach. Complete sea view, alanya castle view, about 5 minutes to city center of alanya turkey. Included in the price. Private sauna, whirlpool, SAT TV connection, intercom system, Wi-Fi, Air Conditioned in all rooms, floor heating, electronic devices, white goods. Please contact us for more information.

Who can buy property in Turkey?
All European, Asian can buy property (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, England, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Denmrak, Sweeden, Finland, French, Lithunia, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Japan, )

What is procedure to buy Property in Turkey?
You just need to bring 4 photos of you and ID and Passport, the rest of all proccess, our company will help you. You need nothing else

How I can get my title deed (tapu)?
After applying title deed (tapu) register office of Turkish Government, it takes maximum 7 days to get your title deed.

What shall I pay for Title Deed Register (Tapu Register)?
You will have to pay 3% of your property price, example if it is 100.000 Euro, you will have to pay, 3000 Euro for title deed (tapu) electric and water register.

چگونه من می توانم پول انتقال به پرداخت ملک در ترکیه
When you decided to buy a property in Turkey, your estate agent or consultant company will take a tax number in Turkey than you should go to bank and open a bank account in your own name. After this is completed, you can call your bank in Europe and ask your bank to transfer money in Turkey Bank Account. When title deed (tapu) proccess finished, you can take your money from your account and pay home owner or agent.

What is general prices of Properties (property-houses-homes) in Turkey?
It is up to location but if you would like to buy a property in Turkey, the prices with 2 bedroom apartment with balcony, centrum, swimming pool, this kind of property price is about 60.000 Euro to 150.000 Euro. What is exactly giving price of the property? Location, Year of Built, Building Features, Quality of material, quality of location, Distance to centrum, sea view or no sea view, ocean front or long distance to beach. Most cases are changing the price of the property prices in Turkey.

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