53500 Euro-3 Room Cleopatra Beach Apartment for sale in Alanya – 1 Bathroom – 1 living room – 2 bedroom –

The apartment is located in Alanya where the MIGROS gross Market is located. The apartment is just 100 meters to the Cleopatra Beach. The 4th floor apartment is 90 m2 with a living room with open kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and balcony. The well-kept apartment is renovated and offers sea and mountain views. The house offers also a swimmingpool.

1 حمام
1 اتاق نشیمن
2 اتاق خواب
4. طبقه
مرکز شهر آلانیا
آلانیا ساحل کلئوپاترا
بلند کردن
بعدی به busway
ترک محل سکونت
رساله آپارتمان
منظره دریا
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